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So you've decided to steal cable dump your ROM

Myth: Dumping your ROM is wrong.
Fact: Google is a big faceless corporation, which makes it okay...

romdump is a (very) simple program that dumps the BOOT, RECOVERY and SYSTEM partitions to your SDCARD, this will allow someone who is technicaly minded to create a recovery image... and that is a GOOD thing...
Icon  Name                    Size  Description
[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [   ] 607K 95dd1488d74e81fa2d29327616fb36cc [   ] 607K 56c5b6b6a0885ec04f8071f5879286a8 [   ] 584K 1b0e2c3640123cc6291a8f45bff3ff1b [   ] 642K 0de64f007267e834ab4402f93d9ea74b


From version .82b onwards there is no longer a built in root exploit, you will need to find a tempory root exploit and run it before running romdump, I recomend psneuter.

Once you have downloaded and unziped the file you will have an 'romdump' file, now its time to goto work, you will need to have already ran a root expliot and have ADB working with your device.

ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge, and is something you really should have working, I dont intend to enter into a long tutorial on how to install and set this up, but someone at google has. Make sure you have enabled 'USB Debugging' on your device (goto Settings / Applications / Development).

Once you have adb type the following commands on your computer:

adb push romdump /data/local/
adb shell chmod 04755 /data/local/romdump
adb shell /data/local/romdump

then wait for it to finish, it can take a while.

Once the program has finished you should find a directory in the root of your SD card called romdump and a sub-directory named after your device model. Take those files and give them to someone who knows how to make a recovery zip.