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Recovery Manager

Because someone had to do it eventualy...

Recovery Manager is an Android Application for the ZTE-Blade family of devices it allows you to Install custom recovery images, Install custom firmwares, as well as backup and restore your device.

Icon  Name                       Size  Description
[PARENTDIR] Parent Directory - [TXT] RecoveryManager_change.log 1.6K [   ] 143K a068e46ce1b7573caa518060ee95e5c4 [   ] 145K 8d88b79410fdd67a3aa77661b1234a3e [   ] 146K f8019d82eabaa8ef5fbf2498c13f5a12 [   ] 150K d23d123870cc2bac2e3a9065e18b33b7 [   ] 154K 6d5987ddd4640920e54af2b3cf0be17a [   ] 154K 377c655270b25f41875cd2342099506e [   ] 156K 89f5555e26155114347e95c121131f03 [   ] 185K 159902acaf00cb14a0a703862ac9ad75

Make sure your phone is rooted and has ChainDD's Super user application installed. I recommend you use UniversalAndroot v1.6.1 or z4root

Download the Zip file and either install it using ADB:

Install RecoveryManager_v0.36b.apk

or copy the file to your SD card and install it using the file manager of your choice.